The Mother of Thought

“The Matron” “Misteress Time” “Miss Fortune”
Blue is her colour, for that She knows all and the watches the Web of Fates
Symbol: The Great Eye

Domains: Water, Darkness, Knowledge, Luck, Madness, Rune, Trickery

The Mother is a bringer of knowledge and subtlty. When The Mother met Man, he

was stupid and easily fooled, relying on brutish tactics to get what he wanted

and falling easy prey to the wiles of the Other Folk. The Mother hated to see

this resource squandered and so tried to teach guile and intellect to Man, but

Man was far too dull to understand the lessons. The Mother created the

Halflings to teach Man to be quick of wit. The Halflings did this and Man

became smart and trickey.

Worship in Loross

The Mother of Thought

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